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I've just started using ADO to work with MS Access tables. I have a grid which displays records OK, but fields defined as Single in Access, and which display there OK, are unreadable in my grid because of their size. How do you format fields so that they display OK in a DBGrid? Does it have to be programmed?

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Hm.. try to format field property in AdoTable.

Duble click on table press ctrl+f to add all fields into it, then find desired fields and set DisplayFormat property.

Not sure about this sollution, just trying to suggest where to look.
Yes I agree with Roza, I use this solution with ADO and BDE.
Thats Works fine, and like this you formated the fields in the Ttable or Tquery, and simply you use this format along your application.

Example: Boolean Field:
DisplayFormat Ja;Nein.
Numbers ,0.00.
Dates: dd/mm/yyyy
and so so.

Best Regards


Roza, worked fine, thanks, and thanks for the verification Marcos..


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