Convert from HWND to *CWnd ?

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My problem is I have to call a create function
..Create(IDD_??, CWnd* parrentWnd)

I want the parrent window to be the desktop window, I want to get the dektop window caling this function: GetDesktopWindow()

But can't do like this:
Create(IDD.., GetDesktopWindow()) Because HWND is not *CWnd

Can I solve this problem, how can I convert HWND to *CWnd ?

Shoud I create a
CWnd *wnd;
and attach the HWND to it ?

It's just a guess
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Yes, the Attach() member of CWnd should be used:

CWnd mWnd;

 or try  GetDeskTopWindow()->GetSafeHwnd ();
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Alternatively, you could

CWnd* pWnd = CWnd::FromHandlePermanent ( GetDesktopWindow());
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Why dont u straightaway use GetDesktopWindow()
It returns a CWnd*

Isn't Windows great?  How can be get bored with it when there are so many ways to do even the simplest thing?
You can't always rely on CWnd::FromHandlePermanent working so you should generally be prepared to create a CWnd and call Attach if it fails, but in this case there shouldn't be a problem because the desktop window will be in the permanent map.

The guy who mentioned GetDesktopWindow returning a CWnd meant the static function of CWnd. This is undoubtedly your best option, thus:
Create(IDD.., CWnd::GetDesktopWindow())

MSDN warns the pointer is temporary, but that doesn't matter because the Create function just ends up extracting the HWND again and using that, after all the trouble you went to...

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