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i will use the treeview control to show some data what i want is :
is there a method to know the index of an specific node just when i move by the mouse over it ... i want to know this when i drag and drop data from another control to put it under specific node
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From the example in the VB help file for:
HitTest Method (ListView, TreeView Controls) Example

' Declare global variables.
Dim indrag As Boolean ' Flag that signals a Drag Drop operation.
Dim nodX As Object ' Item that is being dragged.

Private Sub Form_Load()
   ' Load a bitmap into an Imagelist control.
   Dim imgX As ListImage
   Dim BitmapPath As String
   BitmapPath = "icons\mail\mail01a.ico" ' Change to a valid path.
   Set imgX = imagelist1.ListImages.Add(, , LoadPicture(BitmapPath))
   ' Initialize TreeView control and create several nodes.
   TreeView1.ImageList = imagelist1
   Dim nodX As Node   ' Create a tree.
   Set nodX = TreeView1.Nodes.Add(, , , "Parent1", 1)
   Set nodX = TreeView1.Nodes.Add(, , , "Parent2", 1)
   Set nodX = TreeView1.Nodes.Add(1, tvwChild, , "Child 1", 1)
   Set nodX = TreeView1.Nodes.Add(1, tvwChild, , "Child 2", 1)
   Set nodX = TreeView1.Nodes.Add(2, tvwChild, , "Child 3", 1)
   Set nodX = TreeView1.Nodes.Add(2, tvwChild, , "Child 4", 1)
   Set nodX = TreeView1.Nodes.Add(3, tvwChild, , "Child 5", 1)
   nodX.EnsureVisible ' Expand tree to show all nodes.
End Sub

Private Sub TreeView1_MouseDown_
(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As Single, y As Single)
   Set nodX = TreeView1.SelectedItem ' Set the item being dragged.
End Sub

Private Sub TreeView1_MouseMove _
(Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, x As Single, y As Single)
   If Button = vbLeftButton Then ' Signal a Drag operation.
      indrag = True ' Set the flag to true.
      ' Set the drag icon with the CreateDragImage method.
      TreeView1.DragIcon = TreeView1.SelectedItem.CreateDragImage
      TreeView1.Drag vbBeginDrag ' Drag operation.
   End If
End Sub

Private Sub TreeView1_DragDrop_
(Source As Control, x As Single, y As Single)
   If TreeView1.DropHighlight Is Nothing Then
      Set TreeView1.DropHighlight = Nothing
      indrag = False
      Exit Sub
      If nodX = TreeView1.DropHighlight Then Exit Sub
      Print nodX.Text & " dropped on " & TreeView1.DropHighlight.Text
      Set TreeView1.DropHighlight = Nothing
      indrag = False
   End If
End Sub

Private Sub TreeView1_DragOver(Source As Control, x As Single, y As Single, State As Integer)
   If indrag = True Then
      ' Set DropHighlight to the mouse's coordinates.
      Set TreeView1.DropHighlight = TreeView1.HitTest(x, y)
   End If


thanx a lot,
You got 50 points from me this day for the 2 question u had answered :) Thanx

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