Multiple IP Addressing Schemes in SCO OpenServer 5

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We have a Unix server running OpenServer 5 which alongside our other servers is connected to a WAN through a router. The IP address of the Unix Server and all equipment connected to it is 10.186.233.x. We have to connect a remote office to the WAN but have been given an IP addresses of 10.183.234.x. If I setup one of the PC's with a static IP of and attempt to connect to SCO Unix it won;t connect. I've read various people talk about another network card but we have another office to connect soon. Is there another way of handling this? Will the routers allow the remote office to connect in OK. We are currently testing this locally.

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If you use a subnet mask of, then the first 3 octets have to be the same for an address to be considered local.  Otherwise, the packet is forwarded to the default gateway.

With a different subnet mask, you can get a 10.183.234.x machine to talk to the 10.186.233.x network.  In this case, since the 2nd octet is different, a subnet mask would work.  Problem is, this might throw off some of the other functionality of the network.

(Also, technically, you can use a subnet mask like which would consider anything from 10.177.x.x to 10.191.x.x to be local. . .  but that's a different beast, altogether.)

I'd strongly suggest working with someone with a thorough understanding of subnetting who can look at your entire IP addressing scheme before you go and play around with subnets.

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