which ports need to be open to publish an .asp aplication?

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    hi, i've got a web server with win2000 and sql server 7, and i want to know which are the ports to make a query by sql from internet, i just opened the http 80 port, but it doesn't work cause i need to access a sql database. So my question is : which are the ports that need to be open if i want that everybody (internet) can be able to access the services and check information on my .asp page.
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tcp 1433 is the standard sql port
However, your IIS server scripts should be making the query to the db server and sending the results via http. The clients should never have to connect directly to the db server via sql ports..
I 2nd that.  Having SQL server directly connected to the Internet is a bad idea.  People will easily be able to perform a denial of service attack on it, and bring it to its knees, taking the service you offer to your internal users down.
If it is accessed by means of a web server in a DMZ, then at least if that gets dossed then your internal services continue running !

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