Extension DLL using classes defined in main app.

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I have an MFC-based application that uses an extension DLL. The extension DLL exports a class(CExtensionClass) that is to be used in the main application(CMainApp).

If there is a class(CMyClass) defined in the main application project and I want to use it in the extension DLL, is that possible?

Right now if I include the "MyClass.h" header in the CExtensionClass.cpp file, everything compiles OK. When I create an object, myClassObj, then the compiler throws the "unresolved external symbol" errors.

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Can't you put the other class into your dll (or another extension dll that both dll and app use)?

Or if you only need some of the functionality provide a base class in your dll and in the app the other class inherits from this base class.


Yes, that's what I will probably end up doing. I was hoping to avoid that situation, b/c it will re-structure the entire application into multiple, smaller projects.
AndyAinscowFreelance programmer / Consultant

I think my suggestion would do what was initially asked for.

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