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Can someone please tell me if there is a way to add new letterhead to your lotus notes?
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Well, yes, you could design the new letterhead(s) yourself, and add them to your mail file. R4 uses subforms for letterhead and R5 uses image resources. The problem is, if no one else has these custom design elements in their mail file, you are the only one who is going to see them.
Better to use Personal Stationeries !


Scottma has a good point... it will be useless if other mail users do not have the same letterhead.  Standard letterhead is loaded on everyone's pc when notes is installed and the way it works is if you have 100 emails with letterhead XYZ then it still only has 1 copy of the XYZ graphic on each pc.  If you use Personal Stationaries then you can design a graphic but I believe the graphic gets embedded in the email so if you send somebody 100 copies you will also have 100 copies of the graphic... your choice!
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