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I am sharing 4 Hp LJ printers on a Win2k server.  many of the users using these shared networked printers randomley receive the following error after logging on and trying to print

"Printer operation cannot continue due to lack of resources. The print subsystem is unavailable"

I have upgraded all users to SP3 and followed the directions from this article ";en-us;Q158042"

But the problem continues to come back after shutting down the computer.  The printers are actually being installed via a login script using kixstart commands.

Any suggestions?
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-Are the printers being installed at every login ? You'd generally want to avoid this.. Have the script check for a printers existance first..
-Open printer on the server. Go to file ->server properties.. Remove any unused drivers, make sure you have the most current versions of the required drivers. Look for anything unusuall like Nt4 versions. If you've had problems with a specific printer..try using a complatable driver.. Like Lasterjet 4 (works with just about any hp laserjet).  

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