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The following IPF occurs when SFC is almost finished running on a W98 SE machine. I found some info on this occurence being related to a problem with certain temporary files, but the fix did not solve this case.

SFC caused an invalid page fault in
module KRNL386.EXE at 0002:000042cc.
EAX=00000056 CS=0167 EIP=000042cc EFLGS=00000207
EBX=c186e600 SS=123f ESP=00008280 EBP=0000828c
ECX=0000ffff DS=0187 ESI=00434b44 FS=0e97
EDX=c186e678 ES=0187 EDI=0043ce60 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
67 aa fe 46 ff e2 a4 eb 10 67 8b 04 42 86 c4 67
Stack dump:
82840000 00431ab7 00078948 4344829c 1aaf2b07 00000001 00008944 0a9d82ce
ffff1ab7 2b078948 2b07062a 06680624 2b07062a 00000044 00010016 2b078944

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks, Bill
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Stack dump is usually caused by a program that is allocating too much memory than its suppose to.

You can try a couple of things;
Run sfc in safe mode (hold down Ctrl Key while restarting or repeatedly hit the F8 Key).


Goto Start > Run > msconfig > Startup Tab and uncheck all but systray and restart > Run sfc

Using the second method will tell you if its another program that is causing the problem, you can then put the checks back one at a time and reboot after each one and run scf until you encounter the problem again.  Now you can deal with the program that is causing the error.  It might also be that when it encounters the dll file that is causing the problem, that is when it gives the error.


Thanks. Safe Mode got it.


I jumped the gun. It turns out that SFC crashes just the same in Safe Mode. I have re-posted this question at:


Thanks, Bill

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