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Hi everyone,

I have average knowledge of networking theory but I am very new to network programming. I thought that the best way to start learning about network programming was to try a challenging project. Therefore, I would like to build my own Network monitoring tool that I can use to measure network performance metrics like: throughput, latency etc. I was wandering if someone could advise me where to start, how to get data about these metrics from a simple peer-peer network and what is the most suitable programming language for network programming (java, .net etc).

Any help would be greatly appreciated (sorry about my bad English)

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Check out the simplicity of MRTG that uses SNMP and perl:

Or Tkined that uses Tcl

You can get the source code for both and pick them apart to look under the hood...


HI lrmoore ,

Thank you for your replay. I dont know anything about SNMP + PERL, TCL. Are you saying that java and .net are to "high" level and the only way to do it is with programming languages you recomend.

Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
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If you don't know anything about SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), you can't write a useable network management application.

I never said it can't be done in any other languages, but the source code for these applications written in these languages are freely available and you can use them as models to fit your programming language of choice.

Here's a link to java-based network management framework that may help you:
Les MooreSr. Systems Engineer
Top Expert 2008

G'day, net_new
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