cpu hangs when doing nothing

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Hi everybody!

I have a Pentium 3 coppermine which normally runs at 866mhz with a fsb of 133mhz. I overclocked it to 1202mhz which puts my fsb at 185mhz. For maximum safety with the maximal gain, I changed the fsb/ram/pci clock ratio to 133/100/33 which resulted in 185/139/46 and I increased the voltage only to 1.75 (the system won't boot at 1.8)...

The system is very stable, performed lots of testing on it and no hangs, fast response, no artifacts, only pure speed with little extra costs.

The internal case temperature is 27 degrees and the cpu goes from 34 degrees on idle to 45 degrees when at 100%.

The board is a TUSL2-C and the ram is PC-133 Kingston...

Now the problem is, the system sometimes hangs, but only when it does absolutely nothing for a long period of time like 8 to 10 hours and more (which happens mostly at night). It does not hang very often and will never hang if a task if performed during the night (like media encoding or downloading huge things, anything that takes time)... It will only hang when doing absolutely nothing!What could it be ??
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Have you check the BIOS and OS power settings to make sure both are set to "Always On"?

The reason I say this is that most overclocked CPU's don't act too well when they come back from power save mode.


I tried it but it freezes anyway, I didn't have anything to lose so I gave it a shot but honestly I wasn't expecting  this to be the problem...

any other solutions ?

This may be a stupid question, but why is your computer doing nothing for 8-10 hours anyway?
Leaving a machine running for that long with nothing to do is tantamount to computer abuse!
Anyway, are absolutley sure its the processor thats freezing?
I have a similar setup and from time to time if I leave the machine idle for a long while the screensaver will run, hence the cpu is occupied, but, the hard drive will fail to wake up and the system will lock, neccesitating a deft touch of the reset switch.
This happens even when the hard drives are set to "never switch off".
From time to time I've also found that "TSR's" can cause the same symptoms.
I figure its time to start underclocking your system back to where it is suppose to be. Try lower settings and see if the same thing happens. Then try all default settings and see if it still will hang. Im guessing that the system is not as stable as you would hope it to be.
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