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Hey all,

Okay, i have to install Win 2k Pro on about 20 systems and they all need to have the same local user accountts (my boss wouldn't let me switch them into roaming profiles because they want to wait until later...whatever that means).  Anyways, i'm getting sick of typing in the same 30 user names, default passwords etc and was wondering if there is an easier way such as a script I can run as administrator to generate these accounts automatically.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hello Corey

You can try to find a command called addusers at win2k resource kit. It can extract existing account database to a text file. In your case, try to extract the account database, uses it as a format reference, add user perfered user account and save the file. user the same command "addusers" with different parameter to push it back to win2k. You can use the same file to add user at all workstation you want.
Hi Corey,

As one of our experts mentioned above, you can use the "AddUser.exe" application from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit 2000. This is a very powerfull utility, which create local users, local groups & give you the possibility to add a description on your groups and users in a flat file. (*.txt file)

When using this tool, you can also creat a script for your Global Groups on the domain to add them to the local groups, this great tool is "CUSRMGR.EXE".

How these tools works, just download them somewhere from the net (or if you have the resource kit) and just open a command box and type : adduser.exe /? and/or cusrmgr.exe /?

This will help you a lot !!!!
Best regards,

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