ADO Update problem, run time error '2147217888 (80040e20)' :

ayufans2 used Ask the Experts™
when I try to update an ADO connection recordset, there is an error shown which is :

run time error '2147217888 (80040e20)' :

consumer's event handler called a non-reentrant method in the provider.

everything's fine until the point where I have to update the recordset using the command :


please help.. please..
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This is a bug on which Microsoft is still working to find out the exact cause.

There is a workaround for this bug. Try these maybe these will help you out.

The error does not appear when using client-side cursors, only when using server-side cursors  
So when you open the recordset, set next statement in your source
recordsetname.CursorLocation = adUseClient


Dhaest : thank you so very much. I have just started using ADO, while previously I was using DAO. When I encounter this problem, I was seriously thinking about switching back to DAO. So thank you so VERY VERY much for this one. I have been doing nothing but working on this thing the whole day, so again THANKS A LOT ! you're great !

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