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In the visual basic and excel have a function call pmt(), it can calculator payment.

This is VB sample command:
lvTotInterest = Format(Pmt(0.0575 / 12, 300, 200000 * -1), "#########.00")

The answer will come out: 1258.21

So how about javascript?

Will increase the points to 300 points by later.

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P.S. -- I don't think that there is a JavaScript solution without having to create a function (which the sites above might help with)
if I had the calculations, I could throw it together pretty quickly, but I'm not up for searching out the calculations of what you need. I presume 1258.21 is the amt you pay each time.... where the first number (.0575/12) is the monthly interest and 200000 is the total value taken out on loan while 300 is the number of payments. If this is correct and you can link me to a formula or provide me with the formula, I will gladly throw something together.
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I'm not too sure where you want to go with it, but try this:

function Pmt(r,np,pv,fv) {
r = r/1200
if (!fv) fv = 0;
pmt=-(r * (fv+Math.pow((1+r),np)*pv)/(-1+Math.pow((1+r),np)));

function roundOff(value, dplaces){

       return value;


<body onLoad="Pmt(5.75,300,-200000);">
If your needing it to parse forms or something for a form based calculator, let me know.



Thank you for the reply, it look like can work.

And are you have the function for PPmt in javascript?

I will increase the points after EE Support Team delete my other Unlock Question, thanks.
i gotta look up the formula for it and write the code, but I can do it.
hmm.. i'm having a slight difficulty finding this formula.. anyone got a economics book?
well, i've found that PPmt = Pmt - IPmt... now if i could find a formula for IPmt... any one on this?

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