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I have created a view but I don't want to let others to view it except those have manager rights (When others click on that view, it doesn't display anything). How do I set the rules to perform such action? The same thing goes to a button which located on another view, when those with designer/manager rights click on the button, it'll perform an action, whereas when others click on the button, nothing will be executed. Please give some ideas on how to do it? or where can I look for the information similar to this problem. Thank you.
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Have a role designated in the ACL. And assign this role to all managers.

In the design of the view, go to the access section and select only this roled people can use this view.



Dear Arun

Thank you. The problem with the view has been settled. Then, can you tell me how to make the condition where an action button can only perform its work on certain people or role?

-- use the fuction @Ismember(@Userroles;"[Rolename]") as part of your condition.

For example, the first formula line could be:

@If(@IsMember(@UserRoles;"[Admin]") ; "" ; @REturn(""));

and if they are not in the role [Admin] no other lines in the formula would execute.
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Dear AndrewJayPollack
Thanks for your solution. My problem is solved.

p/s: Arunkumar : Thanks for you too. Since I can only accept one answer, I'd chose to accept AndrewJayPollack's comment cause your experts point is much higher than him. ^_^. Anyway, I really appreciate your idea.
Thanks Cheongkabo;  I'll never probably catch Arun, his advice seems pretty solid and his time spent helping others is admirable.  To me your thanks go a long way.  I'm new around here and still can't figure out what the points get you other than recognition. ;-)

I slept after posting the comment. Anyways, I am called a theif/Beggar here at EE-Lotus Notes thats how I was able to be at this position.

Watchout I might steal some points without your knowledge!


Good Work Drew!

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