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Dear experts:
I'm an administrator of sendmail(8.9.1) mail server based on Solaris 5.8
I've found lots error "lost input channel" in my syslog,as far as I known these error were result in network problem, but I can not describe how this happened or how to deal with it .
Is there any expert can tell me the whole story about this erorr ?
Thanks !
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The error message indicates that Sendmail was in the process of receiving data from a client or remote MTA and the connection unexpectedly closed. This can be a local problem or a problem with the remote system that sendmail was talking to.

You can tell from the log messages who Sendmail was talking to. If those machines are local clients on your network, then you could have a problem with the Solaris machines network connection. Typical problems include the Solaris machine and the device it connects to not agreeing on the same link speed & mode when 100Mbit networking is in use.

It the machines are on the Internet, then you might be experiencing a problem with your Internet link. Although a local like problem would affect this also.

It isn't uncommon to see some of these error messages in the log file. An occasional message of this sort doesn't necessarily indicate a problem. But if there are a lot of them, you should investigate to see what's causing them.


Although it's not the whole story I want ,but I think jlevie have describe all the possibility.
thanks to jlevie!!

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