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What would cause an error "Invalid or nonexistent document" and not allow anyone back in a database. This has happened with 2 dbs.  
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This is usually going to happen if you've done a ftsearch or view collection and you're walking through the view or whatever and you come on a document that has been deleted.  The deletion stub is still there.

remember, a view is a note in and of itself, and is an index to documents.  If the view isn't 100% up to date, it could easily have an entry for a document that no longer exists, and wouldn't be discovered until you tried to access the back end document.

Walk the view like this...

set doc = view.getfirstdocument
while not doc is nothing
if doc.isvalid
......<do whatever>
end if
set doc = view.getnextdocument(doc)
Is occurred to me after releasing a new db version.
Several events (database, views, documents and agents) runt bits of Lotusscript. Most of them use a script library, but the problem mainly occured on agents.

Once (in prod.) the script libraries and the agents were re-compiled (add a random character to the code; delete it again and save; do so 1st on the lib, then on the agent) the problem dissapeared.

Seemed as if the agents and the libraries did not fit together.

Have you tried the debugger, to see if you can find a cause? In my case I couldn't: it was a scheduled agent.
I would suspect the database open scripts looking for some kinda admin or setup or profile document which has to be recreated.

Check the launch property of the database and see it points to the design element which exists.


The launched navigator or frame is pointing to some design element (page or view or form) which is'nt esixting.

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