How do I correct OLE Registration Error  in Outlook 2000 startup?

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I have the same problem as niaimani but I'm unable to add to his message so I'm starting this new thread.

This problem occurred after I downloaded IE 6 on an update recently. Then immediately after installing IE6, I discovered that my computer would not totally shut down when requested. (It took quite a bit of checking many things to discover that it was IE6 causing the problem.) I then uninstalled IE6 and the shut down problem disappeared.

However, since then I cannot use Outlook (this is a secondary mail browser so I only use it occasionally). I have attempted to uninstall Outlook 2000 (it is part of the Office 200 Pro suite) and re-install.

At 1st the problem did not prevent me from getting into Outlook but in my efforts to fix the problem I installed the Office SR1 update and since then, I'm unable to get Outlook to stay open since it gives the error message upon entry, and once clicking the ok, Outlook closes.

I just checked my Outlook Express (which I only use as a mail reader.) and it seems to be working fine.

Thanks, Forrist
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Here's the solution that worked for niaimani, the problem was actually with Outlook Express, which is a required component of Outlook.

Reinstall latest version of IE/OE using these steps:

1.  Go to START->FIND and search for "Windows Update Setup Files" (w/o quotes) and delete any FOLDERS you find titled this.  Make sure you are searching entire hard drive.
2.  Reinstall IE/OE from
3.  If prompted during the installation, choose "reinstall all components"
4.  Reboot computer after installation complete and try opening Outlook Express.
5.  If Outlook Express starts without error try opening Outlook to see if you get error there.


I completed the suggested fix and it did fix Outlook. However, the original problem then returned. It was no longer possible to shut down my computer. It will reboot but not shut down. When attempting to shut down, it hangs indefinately in a prtial shutdown, with a blank, dark monitr and non-responsive to any input except to power down manually.

Then upon start up, it goes through scan disk for severla minutes indicating that is was hung up with an incomplete closure of windows. So I've reverted my hard drive back to before the install, and of course, my outlook doesn't work any more.

Any ideas for fixing both problems or does this need to be posted in a different area (where? I'm new to this board.)


What version of Windows are you running?


I'm running Windows ME


I finally did solve this somehow and wanted to close out this questions. sorry for the long delay.

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