How do I modify image to be the same color as the background?

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I just started learning Photoshop (7) and I have a question.
How would I change the colors of graphics to be the same shades as the header background? I see this effect all the time on the web, but I'll be dog gone if I can find out how to do this. Any insight would be helpful for this newbie.
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Define "header background". Theyre probably using GIF and forcing web safe colors.


Thank you for your response, but I'm afraid I was not very clear on what I am trying to do. I would like to learn how to use Photoshop to blend images into the background color. A quick example of what I'm trying to explain is found here
The center image that says "News Tips" has images blended into the background. It would even be helpful to know what this technique is called so I may be clear when seeking help.

i think you want to create a layer type of a thingy..

start a new file
on that first layer create your background
then create a new layer by: goto layer, new, layer or simply press shift+ctrl+N
on the new layer create your image
then chage opacity to desired amount from the layer tool box..
that should blend the image from background.
but if you have a picture of some sort, you can use it as a new layer too..
if you're still not clear about this then you may want to visit this site i found.

it'll teach you basic stuff like wheres the tools and stuff..


Fundamentals of JavaScript

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On that news tips image i dont see anything blended into the background. Its a solid graphic with some swirlie stuff on it. In either case what they did there was just a composite of images. One layer on top of another with an adjusted transparency.


And if your question involves finding out WHAT color is in the background, you can download a small software called colorpicker, this hovers on top of your desktop and allows you to read out all three hex values for the RGB value of the color under the cursor. There are more flavours of this type of program, lookup in cnet

I provided that link coz he's a beginner. it cover some good basic photoshop tutorials.

Grab 2 images. One would be used as the background. Paste them on separate layers. Select the the topmost layer and on the layers tab select Softlight or Overlay. Then change the opacity if you want to. :)


Thank you that is just what I was looking for.
Now how would I get the edges opacity to feather from the center out around the entire image or just to one edge?
Thanks again for all the guidance. ;)
To feather out the edges do the following:

Hold the control-key while clicking on the top layer (the layer with the image you want to feather out).

There should be a selection around that image or whatever graphic you have ontop of you background.

Now Press Shift+Control+I (Inverse Selection)

Now Press Alt+Control+D (Smooth Selection)
Type in the radius (try different numbers for different results).

Then go to EDIT > CLEAR.

Repeat "CLEAR" as often as needed.

This way you feather out your image!
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