Run Time Error No. 429; Activex Cannot Create Object

TejalMistry used Ask the Experts™
I have developed a transportation package.
It works fine on my PC
My PC is on Windows 2000
It also runs fine on other PC that has Windows 2000
But when i install it on Pcs having Windows 98,
it gives me the above error and exits abruptly.
I am using Access as my back-end.
Kindly reply at the earliest as i am stuck since days
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You have to create an Install package to give the other PC the DLL's it needs.

There are 2 ways of creating an Install:

1) Using the Visual Studio Tool - Package & Deployment Wizzard.

2) Using The Visual Studio Installer


There problems if you create an install on a higher level PC.  Example, if you create an install on XP a Windows 98 system gets completly screwed and has to be recovered from backup.

There are ways you can avoid this type of problem.

But before you can be advised further we need to know what access method you are using DAO or ADO?

Éric MoreauSenior .Net Consultant
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Which error?
Yeah.. i screwed up there... compiling the program on my XP and installing it on a win98... lucky for me that is a new customer machine >:Þ  we now have this dedicated window 98 machine to do the compilings...
I think that you can place the DLL's from the Visustudio CD into the Visual Studio Programs Folder ...\VB98\Wizards\PDWizard\Redist

I think the PDWizard looks there before taking the version in the \winnt\system32

But I have never done a VS Installer to a Win 98 machine.

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