windows 2000 setup problem with MBR

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I have a problem wit installing W2K in my new system. I have a WD 80 GB harddrive. zeroed with a tool from WD. partitioned it with FDISK with primary dos partition of 5 GB. the I formatted the C drive. Then i start winnt.exe from windows 2000 cd rom. then setup almost immediately complains it can't write to the Master boot record. I also tried disabling boot virus protecion and UDMA support in the BIOS. Nothing seems to work. any ideas ?
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When u started the installation, did u booted the system with a floppy or did u boot it from the CD? I suspect that u booted it from your floppy. Try to boot and run the installation from the CD instead and fix your partitions from within the installation setup.

If that doesn't work check your bios settings for your HD.

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Boor into dos and run fdisk /mbr

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