Performance between w2k filesystem and SQLServer.

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I'm writing a BBS program. I will choose a datastore system to store articles. I hesitate between w2k filesystem and SQLServer. can anyone give me a experience that what is better performance.

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Since the article would be stored in a blob type field in the SQL database, I don't think that there would be a big speed difference, if anything, then the win2k filesystem would probably be faster, since it caches files used in memory.

And a little comment about using SQL, not related to the question directly.

SQL has several advantages like full text search in the article, it's easier to select and or order the data in a SQL server. A suggestion for an article record could be something like this;

RecordIdentity (unique), Number, Name, Author, ..more data..
RecordIdentity (unique), Number, ArticleText (blob text)..

Then a full article using Number as a lookup would look like;

  1,1,'An article','Author'
  1,1,'text for page one'
  2,1,'text for page two'
  3,1,'text for page three'

That way it should be easier to build a fairly featurerich generic article system.

maybe you can use both.
an article's picture stored in a file, and it's name, properties like pirce and a link to the file stored in the db.
so if you like to make an internet-presentation for you products sometimes,
you can use the pictures stored in the filesysteme and put up an easy to update website by using the sql-server from from the frontend.
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