MSOffice vs IBM Lotus SmartSuite

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Can anybody explain me in details the difference between "MSOffice 2000 or above" and "IBM Lotus SmartSuite".

Thanks in advance

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Have you used anyone of the two before..?
If so..Which one?

I use both and find it is just a matter of what you get used to.

The MS product usually goes into a startup mode which allows you to choose what you want to do next - WP, spreadsheet, presentation etc. Lotus has different applications which generally you access separately. Once in the various applications from either MS or Lotus both have their own way of doing things. Neither good nor bad in either case - just different.

I think the question that is underlying your query is probably which is better/easier. Actually not much to choose between the two so ignore the hype and all those that tell you how wonderful either MS or Lotus is. More to the point is who else needs to make use of what you are going to produce and what software they have. If others who are going to make use of your work have MS then get that, if they have Lotus then get that. It will save a lot of grief to you and others if your work is directly compatible.

Do not believe a single word about file types being able to be imported into each other's applications. There are many simple instances in which it just does not work well enough. For example tables in WP applications hardly ever work well in another application. Sure the text is visible but you often have to spend far too much time cleaning up a table in the 'other' application to make it worthwhile. Likewise in spreadsheets there is just too much that makes it too time consuming to make use of say a complex MSExcel spreadsheet in Lotus123. It's just not worth the effort. Go for direct compatibility - it's far easier. If compatibility is not an issue get the cheaper of the two! - probably Lotus.

Hope this is of some help.
What was the outcome anu123?
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I do not believe anyone is going to list the detailed differences between MSOffice & IBM Lotus SmartSuite. There are far too many to list apart from which the list would be totally indigestable. May I suggest that you ask the admistrators to close this question and refund your points as it has now been open for many weeks.

Meanwhile why not visit an office which use MSOffice and another office that uses IBM Lotus SmartSuite. You will then be able to judge for yourself. After all, only you know what is important to you and how you are going to use either product. In the end you need the product that is the best match to your needs and so far you have not listed your requirements. Perhaps listing your requirements here might be another way to obtain the views that you seek from EE members.

Please let us know your decision.
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answered by patrickab (plenty of information provided for a 25 point Q)

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