How to modify the Hostname?

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First I have used Ignite-UX to make a bootable backup tape for the whole system!
Second I installation another machine use such tape at the booting stage and without interactive!
So to avoiding the conflict, I need to modify the Hostname and IP address for the second mechine! How can I do?
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even I do not know Ignite-UX, it should be simple to change:
first locate all files containing your hostname and/or IP:
  find / -type f -exec egrep 'yourhostname|yourIP' {} \;

(replace yourhostname and yourIP appropriate)

Then edit these files, changing to new values.
Then reboot.


I do not think it is a good way!
and what is a better way?
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ahoffman's way will definitely work.

However, you can also do this more directly in HP-UX with:
  /sbin/set_parms  hostname
  /sbin/set_parms ip_address

Or, use
  /sbin/set_parms initial
to set the hostname, ip_address, date/time, root password, timezone, and other things you might want to be different all in one fell swoop.
sille question (for me): is Ignite-UX HP-UX?


Thank U! I think by this way I can modify the hostname and IP address and ensure the correctness!

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