Using references without registering them  ?

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Is it possible to use references to several .dll files (like MSVBVM60.DLL) without registering them ? For example by having these dll in the app.path folder ?

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registering doesn't necessarily mean that they have to be in windows system catalogue. Some DLL such as COM objects, ActiveX (well it is a COM too) need to get registered. It doesn't matter where they are but Windows catalog is used many times since it doesn't move or gets deleted very often. (The DLL hell...)

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TimCotteeHead of Software Services

Yes is the simple answer, VB will search for a referenced dll in the registry first, then it will look for it in the application folder. This is a reasonable way of including necessary dlls without having to install the entire application "properly". However you cannot always be certain that the application will run as expected because some dlls and ocxs may also include dependencies that you do not expect and these files may not be available to VB at that time.


Ok... I see. Precisely, here I use dao360.dll stdole2.tlb and msvbvm60.dll and also the common dialogs comdlg32.ocx

What do you guys think ?
I do not think you can use comdlg32.ocx without registering it with for example regsvr32.exe

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