Win98 fails to startup

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Win98 hangs on startup - I can load safemode. I have skipped autoexec & config files & I have tried stepby step confirmation - it hangs on the line "msmouse.vxd" I have removed mouse driver for microsoft itellimouse but then it states that this file is required please re-install. I now cannot use my mouse as I have removed the driver. I have re-installed the driver, but it still does not recognise the mouse and I still get the error on startup.
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Take a look at for the drivers.
I can't find any reference to MSMOUSE.NDX.  Are you sure that is the correct file name?
I would remove the mouse and the driver and reboot the computer with a different mouse attached.  If you don't have a different mouse, leave the one you have attached but still remove the driver and reboot.  The computer should recognize the new mouse and should walk you through the step of installing the mouse driver.


I have plugged the same mouse back in but the computer will only load in safemode and displays a message that it detects a mouse isn't plugged etc before it displays the desktop icons. My main problem is getting the computer to boot up in normal mode. If I can do that I can reload the driver or use the updated driver as suggested by slink9
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Maybe that port is bad.  Is it a PS2 mouse?  If so try a serial or USB mouse.
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I am eecomputings, a Moderator at Experts-Exchange and also an Expert within this topic area. This question has been open a long time and needs to be closed.  What I am going to do is allow feedback from the questioner and Experts for the next 7 days.  If the questioner has not come back to award the points, I will either delete the question, or send it to the PAQs worth zero points, or award an answer based on the info I have been given. Experts, please recommend a resolution for this question.  I will monitor this question for the next 7 days and come back and evaluate.

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Sounds like a bad port or mouse to me.
GinnySalmon hasn't returned to the site since asking the question.  I agree with slink9's last comment.

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