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Hello VB Gurus! I'm using VB6.0 Enterprise Edition.While  errors occur, If I end the application, then System shows some error message like "Illigal Operation with VB...." and VB gets shutdown.Why this problem arise?How to rectify this problem? Thanx. Cordially,Purush

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I also get this problem, Are you using WinNT?  I am and I put it down to what I call "Windows filling up with crap"

When I rebuild my machine ie reinstall windows the problem goes away but if I use it for a 5 - 6 months the error reappers.  

Try rebuilding your machine and the problem should go away.  I think it has something to do with DLL's getting "confused".
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This can happen with some exotic usercontrols, bad API calls or simply improper coding (memory handling).
Check all of the above, by trying to "rebuild" your project from scratch.
* open vb
* create a new (empty) project
* test if this runs
* add modules, forms, controls and code as they exist in your app. Repeat this until you find the bit of code that makes you vb crashing.
* report your findings here

This might take some time, but it will be needed, because you MUST find it. Otherwise you will provice your customer with an unstable product...


hi tgp

the possibilities of such error can be
1. if have messed up with some of your Active X dll codings
2. if you have used the API threading wrongfully.
3. if you have deleted some files in the windows vb6run.exe file

Vb shuts down because of these problems

the solution for the problem is uninstall VB and load it or uninstall the O/S and install VB
the uninstallation of DLL is when VB says folowing error while including component in VB IDE
"Interface not supported"

Please code API with guidence.
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