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Hello all,

this probably is a stupid question and cannot be done. but, if there was an outside chance i would love to know.

i'm working on cd content we provide to users with a user interface based soley in web content. at the moment all links/images/etc have to always have relative urls as opposed to root ones which creates all kind of havoc especially with those inexperienced few.

what i would like is an autorun.ini which simply starts some server software defining (automatically) the cd drive which contains our disc to be the root. then opening a browser window with our home page loaded and you're away!!

as a bonus i would love for the software to allow exe's and msi's also to be run from the browser interace without the 'save or open' dialogue.

thanks in advance
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you have to make a custom made server for this (can be done).

running exe'e and msi's in not possible as it is outside the scope of the server. It is a client side stuff so the client browser's security restrictions apply. So this cannot be done.



do you know how i can create a custom made server?

is there a tutorial out there on the web that you know of?

take it easy
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MicroWeb from IndigoStar is designed to do just that.

I assume the .exe thing would need to be validated in the same way that any other host would need to be.

With that in mind, I think you should be able to set your browser's security permissions to not bother asking (trusted site)...

Saying that. I'm not saying I think this is good advice! :-)

Do you need to run any sort of server-side scripts? If not, you can just use an autorun.ini entry to load the index page in Internet Explorer:

open=start index.html

This would load the index.html file on the CD-ROM in Internet Explorer.

Interesting issue. In order to use server-side script it must write a
language ad hoc? Where to find information?

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