how to install windows 98se and windows 2000

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how do i install windows 2000 on top of windows 98se. i have windows 98se installed at the moment and i would like to install windows 2000 professional on a second partition.(this is all on one pc)

i have tried to install it but after it copies all the needed files it comes up with a error "installation aborted cannot read or write to c:"

or do i have to install windows 2000 first??

when i select the upgrade button then starts to work but with a full new installation it doesnt get close

i have installed win2k previously with win-xp and it worked perfictly,i am using the same drivers as i did befor,i have re-formatted and re-partitioned the system, and at the moment it is a fresh new OS,i would like to install win2k,

currently i have a:
*atholyon XP 2100+
*G4 Ti4200 128 graphice card
*soltek sl-75drv5 motherboard
*80gb HDD ata 133 7200rpm
*256 pc2100 DDr
*creative sound blaster live
*neon light mid-Tower atx case
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No, you don't have to install W2K first.  In fact, it's BEST to install it 2nd since Win98 will not respect your W2K installation and will overwrite the boot record forcing you to repair your W2K installation.

I think the problem here is that you're system is in some way incompatible with W2K.  What make/model of system or motherboard is this?  Some systems need specific drivers for W2K to install or work.

More details about your system are needed.

You should be able to install win 2000 over win 98 on partition D for example without any pb, check your cd isn't corrupt, I've had pb with backup copies of win2K that had corrupt sectors on the cd... try with another copy of win2k
Nice system!  I wouldn't mind swapping :P
Is the bios detecting your hard drive ok, and is Win2K setup also detecting it properly?  With big disks, there can be a problem, and I've seen Win2K quoting the hard drive as only 8Gb when in reality it's 20Gb.  If it's not detecting that right, you will need to try and tell the bios how big the disk is.  You can try setting this manually, and if it doesn't work, try getting an application from your hdd manufacturer which you can burn a boot disk with and set the bios correctly.

just give an idea, possible your hard disk problem?
try through scandisk in ms-dos.

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