New install of Interdev can no longer add/edit tables, fields etc - Looking for fix

jimmy_b used Ask the Experts™
I have just re-installed my PC from scratch. Running Win98 SE, Interdev 6 + SP5 , SQL server 2000. The problem I'm having is that I can no longer add/edit tables or their fields via the data view in Interdev. I can do these tasks in SQL 2000 OK. Before the re-installation I could add/edit tables etc fine. I have tried re-installing Interdev and also installing MDAC on Disc 2. Any ideas?
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jimmy b,

check your sql server registration that it includes both windows and sql server authentication ... VI maybe connecting through windows authentication and you may not have db_owner on the sql server ... just a thought.

Which version of Interdev did you reinstall. the add/edit tables via data view is only available in the Enterprise Version of Interdev, not profesional.

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