WinHTTP with Windows 98

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Hi all,

I have developped an application that uses WinHTTP SDK 5.0 to perform HTTPS POST action. The doc says that WinHTTP does not support Windows 95 and 98.

I have not tested my application on such a platform but I need to make it work correctly on it. So do you know if there is a solution for that ?

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Contact the vendors for solution. If they say its not supported, you can use alternate solutions like check if you can use webbrowser control or some other control which supports post action


Do you know other controls that permit HTTPS Post ?
checkout, or i found something in one of these. i really dont remember which one, i guess they used webbrowser control in that to use HTTPS
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thanks sanjaykattimani.

I have found no answer to my question in these sites. I will check the webbrowser control (have never heard of it before :)


Still testing :)
Dirk HaestProject manager

Did the link from "sanjaykattimani " ( ) not solve your problem


I failed: I installed pythonwin and followed the instructions till the command "ie = Dispatch("InternetExplorer.Application")" crashed the pythonwin program ...

To return back to the initial problem, I have tried xmlHTTP (in place of winHTTP) to perform HTTPS POST with certificate authentication. It works fine on XP. The documentation of xmlHTTP does not mention restrictions concerning the OS but I don't trust till I test it.

Dear expert,
If you had used xmlHTTP on Win 98 please post a comment :)
Thank you.

See you
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