Relationship Problems :o)

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Hi, I am having a slight problem with a relationship which I was wondering if
anybody could help out with.

I have 2 files - I file holds employee details  (Employees.fp5) the other is
a file for logging employee payroll queries (Logging.fp5)

The logging file is the main file and when a new payroll query is logged the
users on our helpdesk enter the employee number in the EMP No field in
Logging.fp5 this then goes to the Employees.fp5 file and picks up telephone
number, Email address, National Insurance Number, Store Number etc and puts
them into fields in the logging file creating a new record.

we have started getting queries relating to an entire Store (employee
Location) and I would like to be able to include an option to log calls via
the store number.  The problem I am having is that even if the field is set
to allow entry on the query logging form, users are not able to enter a
store number (as it is normally input automatically when the employee Number
is entered)

Can anybody offer any advice. (the initial work on this Database was done by
somebody else and I am struggling to comprehend how it works)

Thanks In advance.

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Make an Employee record that is the store, not a person. This way you have the Store Number correct, and you have the detail that the inquiry was for the whole store.

This way, you won't have to change reports at all.

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