ISO9660 image file format

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   I need to be able to read from an ISO file as WinRAR does (list and extract files). So I would appreciate a description of the ISO9660 image file format or better a Delphi wrapper for this file format.

   I have spent some time searching on the Internet and I have found just one page talking about it and it is not enough since it is a simplified description.

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I used Google and got

The official document.

You need at least the Joliet and the Rock Ridge extensions to the standard.

Easy pascal records for all the structures is not possible because at least the directory entries are of variable length.
Most of it should be easy though. The standard precisely tells all about size and allowed values.



   Man, these people at ISO.ORG are asking me money for the information (!!!!!!!!!!). Sorry, but this goes against my "religion". ;P
At least the Linux C sources should be available for free.
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check this out

if you can't get the file via the link then go to and enter iso in the search pane.



   Sorry for the delay; I've been examining the document you referred; it is a very good explanation of ISO. I've increased the points to 100.

   Thanks a lot.
Thanks for the points :)

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