Nothing happen when I switch on th PC

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I have got a PC and when I switch it on nothing happens except the fans. No beep can be heard. I am suspecting the motherboard which is not functionning. I need your comments because this PC was bought three months later only.
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I would think it would be the motherboard due to the fact that there are no beeps.  But I will say as many others have said, you could make sure all of the cables are tight, etc.  You may not want to mess inside if it's still under warrenty.  It should be fully covered.  (although most manufacturers seem to fix everything by replacing the motherboard).  There should be a tech support number with your documentation.

I hope for your sake someone else has a better answer than I!


best advice is to leave it alone and return it for repair.
If you bought this PC "new" and just got around to running it you still might be able to take it back/exchange, pending on where you bought it from. Which is what Id do.
If you bought this PC from a individual then:
1. Check to make sure you didnt accidently hit the voltage switch on the back of the PC and make sure its set to 115.
2. Check to make sure the PC motherboard is not grounding out against the frame.
3. Insure that the wires from the case to the Motherboard are installed properly (best bet).

What type of PC are we talking about here anyway?
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If it is a PC that you built yourself and put the parts in yourself, what you can do to test is take the system down to bare minimum.  Motherboard, RAM, CPU, and videocard.  See if the system turns on then...IF not take out the video card, and try it again, see if you get any beeps.  If you do it is probably the video card.  If it still doesnt beep...try taking out the ram.  See if it beeps, if it does it is probably the ram.  If it doesnt beep then that just leaves a possibility of a Bad CPU or bad motherboard.  And could also be a failing power supply.

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