Missing or out of date DLL when exporting Crystal Reports to PDF

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I am trying to export a report to PDF.  I can successfully export it in the Crystal Reports Environment, but I need to be able to do it out of VB 6.0.

I have the necessary code to do it, but I am getting an error that says that a dll is corrupt or out of date.  I've tried downloading crxf_pdf.dll from crystal decisions site, but when I switch the dll with the old one on my machine, the only affect it has is to render exporting to PDF out of Crystal Reports unavailable.  It still won't export out of VB.

Is this the correct dll to be concerned with, or do I need to replace crwrap32.dll as well?  I was unable to find an updated copy of it at CrystalDecisions.com.
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Look at


Did you download the Crxf_pdf.zip file and follow the instructions for installing the fix?
Look at
Search for Crxf_pdf.zip as the file name.(right column)

You can't just replace the dll you must unregister the old and install or register the new one.


Maybe the lastest quick fix from Crystal could help too.


I'm accepting your comment as the answer since our support people re-installed Crystal Reports on my machine and got the files registered.  It seems like you solution is the acceptable one, however.

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