changing the name of domain at the domain controller

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Does anybody know how to change the name of the primary domain controller at a windows 2000 server without loosing the user names in active directory.
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I don't think so it can be done...

however you can install another DC into the AD temporary....transfer the FSMO roles to the temp DC and then run "dcpromo" on the server you want to change the name...

Maybe the experts around here have a way to change the DC name without running dcpromo...

patrick24 is right. You can't change the name of a server until you dcpromo it again (take active directory off), his will lose all your user information.

The only way to keep your user info is to bring up another 2k DC.

Is this the only DC you have?
What services is it running? (i.e. wins, dns, iis, etc)

Please provide more info.

Matt Defore


I have an other DC .
My DC runs only iis.

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IIS should not posed any issue here... transfer yout FSMO roles to your second DC and "dcpromo" the server which u want the name to be change.

What is FSMO? I dont get it, shouldnt all DCs be peers in a Win2k domain?

FSMO - Flexible Single Master Operation
There five roles all together, these five roles will taken by the first domain controller... but you can reassign the roles.

for more details....;en-us;q197132


I don't mean changing the pdc name itself but I mean the domain name with new name.

My Problem is that I want to change the domain name for all my company (from Domain1 to Domain2) and I want a copy
of all the user names with passwords from the domain1.

                  Thanks a lot for your help

I think this is your only option.;en-us;q237677

Do you have an extra machine to load w2k server on?
I would suggest bringing up another server with the new domain name.

Use ldifde to export user info from old domain. Edit the file for the new domain and re-import the file into the new domain.

The article above is pretty straight foward, but if you need more help let us know.

Hope this helps

Matt Defore
how to change windows 2000 domain name;EN-US;Q292541&


You can create a new domain first then use ADMT to import all domain data from the old domain into the new domain.
You need to demote other DC from old domain to join to the new domain, for the workstations you need to rejoin to the new domain. 

hope these helps


This solution solved my problem without loosing the user names and passwords.
Thanks for help.

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