How to install a USB printer to Linux?

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I have Canon S520 with USB interface, but I can't install it to the linux? Any one knows how to do that?
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I had no problem installing it (canon s520) on Mandrake box.
1) power off PC
2) plug in USB cable into USB port
3) power ON PC
4) USB modules should detect a new devide automatically
5) on my system I am running CUPS, configure it for Canon s520

here is usefull link:

P.S. if you have more than 1 USB device, there might be a problem if you disconnect one of them, since Linux does not have a good mechanism to map USB devices.

I have RH8. Printer is HPDJ952C connected via USB. System discovered printer automatically, but I cannot get it to work. I've tried several drivers, and I get a communication error with each one. Does CUPS work better than the red hat printerconf tool? Can CUPS run within GNOME, or does it need to run within the KDE environment?

I am running Gnome, so CUPS does work in Gnome. Do you have other USB devices connected? If yes, unplug the rest and leave the printer on. Linux does not cope well with USB connection if there is more than one.
I got my(USB connected printer) to work successfully through the Red Hat printconf-gui. My problem was that my hostname was not properly configured!

Make sure DNS is setup properly as this prevents other things from working right.
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