How do i write skins for a media player?

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How do i write skins for a media player?
what software is needed or what language?
need to get pretty good graphics not just circles or lines need it to look like an actually old style jukebox.
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It depends on which media you're asking about.  

To make your own for WinAmp, goto:;$sessionid$4KH2IV52M5GHJTN241GBC0I

But if you want a jukebox type and you have WinAmp, then check out:;$sessionid$4KH2IV52M5GHJTN241GBC0I

Other apps have different things you ned to do.  But to make your pown, you usually need photoshop or something similar and the skin specs from whichever company you got the player from - usually easily found online.

Hope that helps!

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