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I have just loaded a red hat 8 installation. It has installed ok. But what seems to happen is that the screen temporarily switches off and then on again. It keeps doing this for quite a while and will eventually crash.

The pc is fine since I have loaded other versions of linux and windows on to this pc and every thing is fine

The pc is an amd athlon 1800, gigabyte motherboard and 256mb ram.

Any ideas before I give up with redhat

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and the question is what?

Linux has a screensave functionality sometimes, somehow (if you mean that) see
 man apm
 man X
 man kde
 man Gnome
read /var/log/messages, and see what it says the problem is. Then we'll take it from there.


sorry but please don't think i am that silly. I have checked all likely solutions. The problems is that the machine crashes, in my book that is pretty serious. The initial switches off and then on again several times. As i said the hardware is fine. I have loaded windows on this machine and it's fine. I have also loaded another linux version and that was fine also.

not sure where to look


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Do you have the system configured for a GUI login? Have you tried disabling that (going only to run level 3) and seeing if the system is stable with a text only login? If it behaves when not running X it might be a problem with your video card or it's configuration?

If you're starting up an X from prompt (by startx or something), check the messages you get there, especially after such a switch.
Gabriel OrozcoSolution Architect

maybe your X is not well configured.

maybe you put your monitor with a sync range which can damage it

maybe a lot of things...

but first check your XWindows /etc/X11/XF86Config

I had one problem with rh8 when upgraded an existing system.  I had to reconfigure the X server.  "Xconfigurator" does not exist in Rh8, instead type "Xtest" and re-configure your Xserver
I agree, try to change your runlevel to 3 and try startx.  If that does not work, switch to 5.
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