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I am trying to help a school set up a simple network.  They have a machine running Win 2000 Pro as a server and several Win 98 clients.  They want the students to log in as firstname.secondname and for the z: drive to be mapped to a directory on the win 2000 machine c:\users\firstname.secondname.  I have tried net use etc with %username%, but to no avail.  HELP.

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Is this what you tried using?

net use z: \\server\%username%


Yes, it's worked before, but not in this instance
Unless you have a domain controller, this kind of thing will be a real headache.  Try to persuade them to get a copy of Windows 2000 Server.  If they do then create a domain and create all the users centrally, then get the Win98 workstations to login to that machine.  Otherwise you have no way of centrally authenticating remote hosts.

Also, at work I have to deal with a bit of a mixed bag : Win98 clients, WinNT4 clients, Win2K clients and you start to notice that they all behave differently.  For instance, in Win2K you can get the client to map "\\server\users\myusername" as a drive (NET USE h: \\server\users\%username%), but on the Win98 clients it will ignore all but the share name (e.g. h:\ only actually points at \\server\users\)

This means that even if you get Win2K Server, they'll still not get their "own" h:\ but will be able to get to h:\firstname.secondname (you'd have to make sure you setup permissions so that kids could only get into their own).

Hope this helps,
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