Can I use ColdFusion MX Studio when ISP using ColdFusion 5

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My company recently purchased ColdFusion Studio MX and I plan on teaching myself ColdFusion.  I desire to setup 2 sites and would like to be able to utilize cfm pages.  My ISP only supports ColdFusion 5.0.  

Is there a way I can limit the functionalilty of MX Developer so I only use items that are compatible.

My ISP says it will upgrade the beginning of next year.  I would like to stay with them for the 2 new sites, but they both have to be operational prior to then.
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Well whatever code u write in CFMX will be mostly compatable in CF 5.0 - unless u use the new fuctions that have been added in CFMX

u can limit ur code by avoiding the usuage of these new funciton in CFMX & may be use them later on.

& u can continue building ur site thru CFMX - but using only the festures supported by CF 5.0 & carry on with ur stuff.

there's no way u can limit this automatically.

just check the CFMX documentation & whatever is mentioned as a new tag / fucntion - just avoid using them thats all.

let me know


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