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Hi All,
   Recently I got Win-2000 system with 256 MB ram, 30 GB hard disk with no partition at home and want to install Oracle server to work on basic queries including oracle DB triggers/procedures/functions by accessing built-in tables. I never installed Oracle anywhere. I should be able to create my own tables/triggers/procedures/functions. I went to and I got file of Oracle8i Personal Edition Release 3 Version 8.1.7 for Windows NT/2000 from URL The file name was (612,139,274 bytes). After unzipping that file, when I clicked on setup.exe, nothing is happenning, just mouse hover glass is coming for 10 sesonds and its doing nothing.

  My question is what I have installed is right or not, if right why I could not install. Do I need to install from some other location in some other manner. Do I need to install client version too?

   I would appreciate if anyone gets back to me soon.

Much thanks in advance,
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Think you are using p4,
There was a bug with the oracle installer running on p4 machines for the standard & enterprise editions. Maybe it was for Personal edition too. You can try this workaround:

Look for file(s) called symjcit*.dll
Rename them to *.old
Run the setup



yeah, I got P4. I will try be renaming files. I will get back with status.


i also have p4 machine and i installed the oracle on that with changing the name of symcjit.dll to old .but i am getting  another problem with this.after installing oracle on that machine,whenever i start the machine i get the message java.exe error. how can i stop that message ,help me in this.
There are several workarounds for this problem:
1. Apply patch 1507768 available from Metalink.
2. Copy the contents of the installation CD to Harddisk and rename all occurences of the file symcjit.dll.
3. Use the Oracle Universal Installer that is shipped with Oracle 9.0.1 or higher.

Step By Step Instructions:

Solution 1.
1. Obtain patch number 1507768 from Metalink
2. unzip the patch
3. unjar(unzip again) the contents
4. Go to the directory
rename symcjit.dll to symcjit.dll.ori
5. Invoke OUI and install OUI to disk
cd .\cd\Disk1\install\win32\setup.exe
6. Use the installed OUI to install the RDBMS
7. Invoke OUI from the start menu, and install RDBMS software.

Solution 2.
1. Create a temporary directory on your server.
2. Copy the contents of the Oracle RDBMS Server CD to the temporary directory created in step 1.
3. Search the directory structure created in step 1 for the existence of the filename symcjit.dll.
4. Rename each copy of the symcjit.dll to symcjit.old.
5. Run the setup.exe from the \install\win32 directory and install Oracle 8.1.x.

Solution 3.
Use the Oracle Universal Installer that is shipped with Oracle 9.0.1 or higher to install the RDBMS.
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