How to Launch Lotus Notes from Outlook 98?

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I am attempting to do the following in Outlook 98 Script.

Save the Body text to a text file (Done this OK)

Call Lotus notes from the script to open a specific database like this...

CALL notes.exe dbname.nsf

when notes is closed by the users and control is given back to the script...

use a text file generated by the notes app and put it back into the body text (done this OK)

Can anyone help with the launch of notes.exe part, I'm out of ideas...

Thanks. TJS101
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tjs-- I was able to open a notes in the foreground with the following code:

Set UIws = CreateObject("Notes.NotesUIWorkspace") 'Create a new notes workspace
Call UIws.Opendatabase(sServer, sInvDb, sView, skey, False, True) 'Open the view on the specified database

You can also do the same using the Notes classes so you can open the database in the background by creating a NotesSession. If you don't need specific front end interaction from the user, you could pull your data from Notes and dump the data directly into the selected item body of Outlook. This way you will not have to worry about the user having to open notes and close it.

Hope this helps.

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