how do I load text from a data file into an array ?

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Hi, I'm needing some help with a data file. I want to take data from a text file that I have created and load it into an array so that I can search and sort the data, but I'm not quite sure how to do that. I know I need to first open the file for reading, but then do I use fscanf and a file pointer to move through the data and load it into an array that way ?
Can someone tell me if I'm on the right track ?
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yes you are
// This code will read data from any text file you choose :).  Hope it helps


void main(void)
char filename[50],data;          // buffer for file name
char filedata[50000];     // buffer for file data
int i,flen;
FILE *fp;                    // file pointer

printf("Enter filename to read :");
scanf("%s", &filename);
flen = strlen(filename);                  // If filename > 50, Error                              
 if (flen > 50)
     printf("Filename too large\n");

 fp = fopen(filename,"r");                    // Open file for a read                              
           if ( (fp == NULL))
            printf("Error in opening the file for reading\n");
                data = getc( fp );                // Read first char                                        

     while ( !feof( fp ))
        {                                                 // Not end of file, so output                  
               filedata[i] = data;
               data = getc( fp );                // Read the next char                              

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