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Help! I'm trying to display a chart in a form using Forms 9i. When i'm creating this object i have no trouble at all, i assign to the chart a base block, in the "Data source data block" property. Then, when i've selected one of the blocks, i can see and select one of its columns when filling the "Data source x axis"  and "Data source y axis" properties.

But when i try to compile the module, i receive this error: "Invalid settings for block based chart. FRM 30085". FRM 30085 is "Unable to adjust form for output", but i've tried to move the chart and this not seems to be the problem. Any idea?

Any suggestion about creating charts in Forms 9i? I've read that there is no Graphics in this version. How do you solve it? How can i implement graphics in a 9i application?
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if you are on Forms9i then forget about Oracle Graphics, it's outdated! - Checkout Oracle9i Business Intelligence Beans (Part of Oracle9iDS).

There's a brandnew demo on OTN that shows dynamic and interactive Graphs over the Web. The Graphs
are embedded inside an  Oracle Form application and interact with the Form sharing data:

(BI Beans, 8th link from the bottom!)

Cheers, Stefan

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