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I'd like to change the background of a checkbox in my form. I've tried to set color and background elements in my CSS, but it doesn't work.
How can it be done ?

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It cannot be done.  If you want that kindof an effect you will have to use a graphic, but then it will not function like a check box.

COBOLdinosaur is right.

But you can use javascript to make it behave like a checkbox.


I've made a script that uses images and hidden forminputs once. If you have a sec, I'll put it online for you :-D (this makes things easier than placing the code here, because of the images).

It works fine (the images I made look really great, I think ;-).
The JS needs some work to make the script work properly on reloads and when people press back to get back to the form. But this will be fairly easy :-) (it was an unfinished (little) project)

I'll have it online before you know it!

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Here it is:

As I said, it needs some debugging.
Just look in the source :-)

Hope this helps,


you can change the color around the checkbox using the following code but there is no good way to change the actual background color inside the checkbox.

<input type="checkbox" name="color" style="background-color: #99cccc" value="red">


Actually, Netscape colors the "background color inside the checkbox", it's IE that doesn't :-)

But the form elements look !!_AWFUL_!! in Netscape (6). They should do something about it (I don't know if the form-elements in NN 7 still look bad, does anyone know?)

as derek47d said, works in all browsers


Thanx for the script ...

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