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I'm running a java application on AIX under JDK1.3.
There is a potential deadlock condition that causes the server to stop responding to certain requests.
I can find this deadlock by generating a java thread dump..

However when I generate the thread dump kill -3 pid,
it generates a javacore file, but the data is truncated in the file..

In other words it doesnt even give me a listing of all the threads as normal..

The problem seesm to be that every file I generate is never more than 520k. The files are usually between 518k and 520k and never more...

I have tried setting the ulimit setttings to unlimited but I think these settings are specifically for the OS core dump and not for teh javacore file..

Can you think of a reason why the javacore file would be truncated at 520k everytime?

- Alan
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1. Are you sure that you've set a correct ulimit ?
   (the correct one for "core dump file" is "ulimit -c unlimited " [in sh/ksh] or "limit core unlimited" [in csh/tcsh])

2. I do not know what is javacore file, but when thinking about regular core dump file, its size may be affected by the following factors:

  - ulimit -c
  - kernel limitation (hard limit for "ulimit -c"
  - available disk space for the user (is there disk quota ?)
  - also, there are 2 types of core files on AIX: pre430 and the second one. The default for AIXes 4.3.3 and over is the second one, and for using some debuggers (gdb, for  example) it needs to be changed to pre430 mode using "smit" tool, otherwise those debuggers report incomplete/invalid/truncated/bad/unknown core file.

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