HOw to ignore case in CLOB search

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Hi all,
i've just got stucked by a strange problem. I'm trying to do a case insensitive search on CLOB column and it seems like it wasn't possible. I've checked the MIXED_CASE property for lexer and it's set up as YES. I've also created a couple of indexes for that column:  i've tried with ctxsys.context and ctxsys.ctxcat indexes. In all cases i'm not able to find required texts (aaa,AAA), regardless of the query i use:

select id from test where contains(tekst,'aaa') >0
select id from test where catsearch(tekst,'aaa',null) >0 ;

Bot queries return correct id for 'aaa' but both doesn't want to find 'AAA'.

Any hint?

The Oracle is 8.1.7 running on Win2k box.

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well, isn't it exactly the opposite?! per default all intermedia searches are case insensitive, but if you set the mixed_case to yes than the index will be case sensitive!

Cheers, Stefan


Stefan, thanks very much. This is really opposite. I've got my searches up and running. I've probably misunderstood intermedia docs. :-)


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