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i am told that after signing in to msn messenger i can excess the password i entered from the same comp by retrieving it from cache
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-Ive never tried to retrieve a MSN password, but apparently you can do this from the cached or saved copy..
-Try this MSN password tools here..

Passowrd recovery tools like the one mentioned can access stored msn passowrds (e.g. if you have checked the remember me option).  I dont think the p/w is held in the cache but maybe in the registry (encrypted).
They are kept in registry- IF the "remember" check box was checked. Most tools that are used to reveal what is behind the *****'s get that info from memory. Revealer was one of the first- MS has patched against that- but there are other versions of the same thing- Enabler, Cain and Iopus come to mind.

http://www.iopus.com/password_recovery.htm  $$$$
***looks like this site is down for now**
http://www.oxid.it/ FREE!!

"...some messengers (AOL Instant Messenger,
MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and Excite Messenger and a few others) all account information (login and password) is stored in Windows Registry, and being accessed by a program using standard Windows API."
Elcomsoft is by far my password recovery product choice.
http://www.elcomsoft.com/aimpr.html  $$$$
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