Missing icons for active windows on the windows taskbar

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On numerous pc's we are seeing a problem where once a windows application is minimized, the icon does not show up on the windows task bar.  You can use the ALT-TAB keys to go through a selection of open windows but that is the only way.  Any suggestions?


Chad Van Peursem
ATMEL Information Systems
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there are a couple of vertical bars on the taskbar.  There location may determine whether or not you can see the icons.  I would try moving all these vertical bars to the left hand side of the taskbar


Actually I found the answer to another question posted on this same site.  Below is the fix:

The workaround:  Just use the ALT-TAB keys to select the
                 active windows until a IS technician can
                 stop by your pc to fix this issue or you
                 have ran the below procedures.

* Left click on the 'Start' button
* Left click on the option RUN
* Type in MSCONFIG and then click on the OK button
* On the MSCONFIG window, left click on the startup tab
* Check to see if pmedia is located in the list of
  startup applications, if so uncheck it by left clicking
  on the checkbox to remove the check mark, then left
  click on the apply button then left click on the OK
* If prompted to restart your pc, please do so, if not go
  ahead and restart your pc
* Once your pc has been restarted, log back on
* Double click on the icon 'My Computer' which is located
  on the windows desktop
* Double click on the folder labeled C Drive
* Double click on the folder labeled Program Files
* Double click on the folder labeled Media
* Locate the folder C:\Program Files\Common Files\Media
* Locate the file Uninstal.exe and double click on it
* Follow the instructions for each of the screen until
  you have completed the un-install.
* After the uninstall has completed, if prompted to
  restart your pc, please do so, otherwise restart your pc

We just tried this and it corrected the issue on the pc's
that were having the problem.

Thanks for the comment, I do appreciate it.


Chad Van Peursem
Top Expert 2009

Glad you got the problem fixed.  Sounds like you fixed it yourself.  You should click on the link for Community Support on the left side of the page and post a zero point question to have this question deleted so your points can be returned to you.  Make sure to include the reason for the deletion and the url of this question in your Community Support question.
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